The Benefits of Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage is a reward that you deserve after a tough pregnancy. This brings great benefits such as helping women who have just undergone a process to recover their strength, avoid depression after giving birth, stimulate the milk glands to secrete more …

In this article, we not only mentions the great benefits that postpartum massage brings to new mothers, but also tells you how to arrange things to have a relaxing massage time.

What is postpartum massage?

Postpartum massage is a very good form of full body health care for women who have just gone through hard work and are in the time of stay. Of care health is very useful in helping women relax after childbirth, to quickly recover health after long periods of strenuous pregnancy.

During the postnatal period and in pregnancy, if possible, you should conduct massage every day or every other day to help your body recover quickly and relax your mind. If possible, you can hire a massage therapist to come to the massage house by the hour. You can easily search for these service providers on the Internet.

However, after giving birth, to have time to conduct the massage, you should ask a relative to look after the baby for help. Because the postpartum massage usually lasts about 1 hour, while you massage it is likely that your baby needs to change diapers, soothe to sleep …

What are the great benefits of postpartum massage?

Postpartum massage gives mothers during their stay with benefits such as:

1. Helps relieve pain and relax muscle tension

During childbirth, your entire body, especially your abdomen, lower back and hips, is subjected to great forces. After giving birth, if breastfeeding is not properly positioned, you may also experience severe back and shoulder pain. The postpartum massage will help you relieve pain and reduce stress.

2. Increases blood and oxygen flow to muscles

This helps to remove toxins, helps the body to quickly recover, improve mood, and strengthen the immune system.

3. Helps reduce swelling

Massage will stimulate the drainage of the lymphatic system to help remove excess fluid and waste so it reduces swelling. In addition, the stimulation of tissues during massage can also help the body transport water to the right place.

4. Release of endorphins

Massage stimulates the brain to release endorphins, a hormone that naturally relieves pain, helps the body feel relaxed. Not only that, but this hormone can also help you sleep better.

5. Release of oxytocin

While being massaged, your body releases oxytocin . This is a hormone that activates the milk production reflex. This can cause your breasts to release milk during the massage. Therefore, you should use a soft washcloth lined in your bra to absorb any secreted milk.

6. Blocking milk rays, preventing mastitis

Postpartum massage also helps to block the rays of milk , reducing the risk of mastitis. However, massage of the chest area should be gentle to avoid pushing the milk into the follicles too hard, which can block the milk jet, leading to mastitis.

7. Helps you deal with postpartum depression (baby blues) and postpartum depression

Massage can improve mood and reduce stress levels. So it is very helpful in preventing a woman from giving birth to postpartum depression or postpartum depression .

8. The opportunity for you to rest

During the massage, you will have the opportunity to relax. This not only helps you speed up postpartum recovery, but also has more energy to take care of your baby better.

If you are interested in how postpartum massage should be done, please refer to the article How should postpartum massage be performed?

What positions are the best for a postpartum massage?

The postpartum massage should not only focus on a few parts of the body such as the abdomen, shoulders, and breasts … but should conduct a full body massage. Therefore, during the massage, you need to change positions several times. Note, if lying on your stomach during the massage, you should pay attention to avoid the two breasts that can produce milk so that the sheets can be wet.

If you have a cesarean section , avoid massaging the incision and surrounding area until it has healed. Ask an obstetrician and gynecologist about preventive measures you need to take during the post-caesarean massage to avoid unfortunate complications such as wound infection , tearing the wound …

For mothers who have a cesarean section, lying on their side or sitting to conduct massage are the two best positions. You can use pillows or blankets to support your back, chest, and abdomen.

During the massage it is important that you let the massage technician know of any areas that make you uncomfortable. Also, let them know what their actions are too strong (if any) or the effects are making you feel uncomfortable.

If you want to combine massage with exercise to quickly get in shape, article  10 postpartum belly fat loss exercises to help you get back in shape quickly   can be very helpful for you.

How do new born women have time to do a postpartum massage?

After giving birth, you may be frantic about things like: breastfeeding your baby , coax your baby to sleep, change diapers, massage and bathe your baby … This can make you no longer have any time for yourself. Unintentionally put you in a state of tension.

However, it is not easy to take the time to conduct a postpartum massage or rest to quickly recover your energy. However, you can still do it if you use the following methods:

  • Get help:  Get the help of your mother-in-law, husband or any other family member who can take care of the baby for you while you massage.
  • Choose the right time: You should only conduct massage right after you have fed your baby, change diapers cleanly. Responding to your baby’s essential needs can help keep you from being disturbed during the massage and the babysitter is less strenuous.
  • Searching for a massage technician before giving birth: In fact, the postpartum massage is usually conducted at home so technicians will come to your home. Therefore, before giving birth, you need to find a skilled and honest technician to avoid unfortunate events (such as theft) from happening. To do this, you can ask a relative or a colleague who used to use the postpartum massage service for help.

Who should not conduct massage after giving birth?

The postpartum full body massage is not recommended if a woman has just given birth to one of the following problems:

  • Have any medical complications, especially during and after birth
  • Skin problems like rash, blisters, pimples and eczema
  • Childbirth by caesarean: If you have a cesarean section, you should wait until the wound has healed before conducting massage to avoid unfortunate complications.
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Was a herniated disk …

If you want to do a postpartum massage to get great benefits, consult your obstetrician and gynecologist about the right time to start to avoid the unfortunate risks. One thing to note is that massage should only be conducted with highly skilled technicians to avoid any unfortunate risks or injuries. If you do not have the conditions to massage after giving birth, ask your husband to massage the back when tired, sleep with the baby when the baby sleeps so that the body can rest, listen to soothing music, play with the baby when the baby is awake or call. Electricity chat with relatives, friends … These are very useful things for you to relieve stress and fatigue during your stay.

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