Pregnancy Stress Directly Affects Mother and Baby

Pregnant women will have big psychological changes. Due to the hormonal increase they become more sensitive to the external environment. Since then, their ability to respond to changes is reduced, putting great pressure on them. Research has shown that pregnant women are many times more stressful than normal women and that stress during pregnancy has a direct effect on the health of both mother and fetus. Along us learn this issue:

Pregnancy is one of the joys of a woman in particular and of a large family in general. However, during pregnancy, women are easily stressed by pressures from many sides, work, family and themselves. Hormonal changes make themselves more sensitive than ever. Pressure resistance is also significantly reduced. Without relieving the stresses of pregnancy, these problems are easy to develop into dangerous disorders of anxiety, depression during pregnancy. It will seriously affect the health of both mother and baby.

Stress during pregnancy directly affects pregnant mother

According to research by psychologists in the US, the problem of stress will become more serious in the late stages of pregnancy or with mothers pregnant for the first time. Anything can cause stress. Stress may cause terrible things to pregnant mothers. But it is normal for other pregnant mothers. However, when stressed, most pregnant mothers have to suffer certain effects both physically and mentally. Specifically:

Effects on physical health:

Pregnant mothers who are stressed during pregnancy often suffer physical pain such as chest pain, heart attack, heart palpitations, headaches, breathing disorders, vision loss, fatigue, pain and inflammation of the muscle glands, severe digestive disorders.

Neurological effects:

When pregnant, women are very sensitive. So it is understandable that the pressures cause negative thoughts and stress. Stress during pregnancy causes amnesia, confusion, distraction, and sleep disturbances.

Affecting the psychology and personality of pregnant women:

Under stress, women are susceptible to feelings of anxiety, guilt, suffering, fear (signs of panic anxiety disorder), disappointment about herself and everything in life that causes many difficulties in the family life and work of the pregnant woman. In many cases, there are tantrums and crying when one becomes overwhelmed.

Affect social relationships:

Psychology of patients will shrink when meeting pressurizing factors. Separating from society, not developing social relationships, the old relationships are also becoming increasingly distant.

The risk of preterm birth:

The mother during pregnancy really needs a quiet and healthy environment, without stress for the best possible development of the fetus. Research has shown that extreme stress can increase the risk of miscarriage 3 to 4 times in the first trimester. It also causes premature birth in the last months of pregnancy. At the same time, when stressed pregnant women produce coticotrophin hormone (CRH) in the blood that interferes with the transfer of nutrients and oxygen from mother to fetus.

Causing eating disorders:

If you endure this problem too long, it will cause pregnant mothers to experience eating disorders such as uncontrolled eating or skipping meals. Thereby causing dangerous digestive disorders such as stomach pain, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and irritable bowel inflammation (IBS).

Risk of long-term stress with high blood pressure

Increased risk of other psychological diseases:

Some psychological diseases are at risk when pregnant mothers are stressed during pregnancy such as anxiety disorders, depression before and after birth …

Stress during pregnancy seriously affects the fetus

When the health of the pregnant mother is stable, the development of the fetus is also better. Therefore, the mother’s stress problem greatly affects the development of the baby. The consequences are visible when the fetus is born or can persist in the future development of the baby. Some of the risks posed to the fetus when pregnant women are stressed during pregnancy

Low weight fetus:

When under stress, pregnant mothers often eat unscientific, eat with, or anorexia so they do not provide enough nutrients needed to feed the body and nurture the fetus. This prolonged condition will cause malnutrition for the development of the fetus, leading to low birth weight, which can lead to malnutrition in the future.

Children with slow brain development:

Medical studies show that at 32 weeks the child’s brain begins to form and gradually complete in structure. If during this period, the mother is stressed. It will affect the child’s brain development because the stress increases the frequency of uterine contractions, irritating the amniotic fluid. Long term effects on young brain functions when a baby is born.

Babies with Sleep Disorders:

A state of prolonged stress of the mother also leads to disorders of the baby. This is most clearly demonstrated in the close relationship between the biological clock of mother and baby. A fat baby will not be able to sleep well when the mother’s sleep is disrupted during pregnancy. The baby will form the biological clock from the womb. At the same time, the mother’s sleep is also very important, helping the baby to perfect the structure of the body.

Children with Behavioral Disorders:

Behavioral disorders usually form only when a baby is born. The most common behavioral symptoms in children are autism, hyperactivity or severe depression in the child. Children behave differently than their peers. From that affects quality of life

Children with deformities:

Although the risk is not high, but many practical cases have shown that the stress of pregnant mothers causes birth defects in the fetus.

How to reduce stress during pregnancy for pregnant mothers

Stress is a problem that comes on suddenly and without warning. Besides, It’s very easy for pregnant women to be affected. Some of the following ways can help pregnant mothers prevent stress during pregnancy effectively:

  • Do not hide their feelings, always reveal their own happy and sad feelings with family and friends around. Personal emotional problems that are not released will cause stress in pregnant women
  • Adjust a healthy scientific lifestyle, don’t stay up late. Get enough sleep, and eat properly to help pregnant mother comprehensively healthy to provide nutrition for children and prevent stress.
  • Take advantage of the time to think about positive things, prepare to carry knowledge of fetal care and nutrition, ensure the development of the fetus in the future.
  • Seek psychological counseling when having problems that cause yourself anxiety affecting your fetus
  • Regular exercise safely brings high relaxation such as yoga, meditation, to enhance your health and maintain a stable spirit …

With the information on us hope to provide pregnant mothers with useful knowledge to recognize and anticipate the risk of stress during pregnancy. At the same time, pregnant mothers will also have more knowledge about diseases to treat timely when they suffer from psychological problems. Don’t worry too much, let’s take action now.