How to Sleep Better When Pregnant?

A woman’s important span of time in her life is pregnancy. During the time of pregnancy, a woman may face some difficulties. Before falling asleep, you may fight with your bed for trying to make yourself comfortable to get into sleep. Because of pregnancy, you might be struggling in your usual sleeping forms. Your regular sleeping positions will be work no longer in these certain times. There are a number of reasons are for the discomfort in your sleep. To avoid that follow some sleeping position which will make you some comfort and helps to get good sleep. When you are pregnant your body will face a variety of changes. It leads to disrupt your normal or usual position of sleep. Some of the reasons make you feel discomfort includes enhanced size of stomach, back pain, heartburn, default to breath and sleeplessness.

Some sleeping positions might give you comfort

There are certain positions that might help you to get you the much-needed rest. During pregnancy sleep in the position “sleep on the side” (SOS) otherwise sleep on your left side which is, even more, a better position. When you are asleep on your left side, then it will raise the capacity of blood as well as the nutrients to attain the placenta and your little baby. Once if you have a problem with back pain, use the ‘sleep on side’ position with placing a pillow under your abdomen.

While sleeping, make sure that you keep a pillow between your legs, and keep the legs and knees bent. Whenever you are experiencing the heartburn while sleeping in the night, try to hold up your body with pillows. In the late pregnancy, a person might get shortness in breath. At the time of shortness, try to sleep on the side with propping up pillows. Even after following these steps you might not get comfort sometime while sleeping. If any of the positions don’t suit you, try to sleep on your back or stomach, which you used to do before. Your usual sleeping type might help you some time to get into the good sleep. Keep it in your mind that you should not sleep in the same position for the whole night. Make sure that you are rotating your body which makes you feel good and buy best mattress for pregnancy suggested by doctors.

Avoid some positions of sleeping

Some of the sleeping positions you should avoid always in the time of pregnancy are sleeping on the back and sleeping on your stomach.

Sleeping on your back- If you are sleeping in this position you might be facing problems like backaches, breathing, the digestive system, haemorrhoids, and low blood pressure and sometimes it may cause a decrease in the circulation of blood to the heart and your baby.

Sleeping on your stomach- When the time increases, abdomen goes through some physical changes which lead to more difficult to sleep on your stomach. So better to avoid sleeping in these positions which will help you to keep in your comfort zone. A pregnant woman must go to bed as much as earlier because they need to get some extra sleep. Body changes and discomfort make it more difficult to fall asleep for long hours. On can get 7 hours of sleep for that at least they have to spend 8 hours in the bed.

Mattress matters while sleeping

A well prepare mattress makes you more comfortable while sleeping. Below listed mattress are the best mattress for pregnancy.  Loom & Leaf- It is most liked by the people and suggested for the pregnant woman. It is available in the two firm options which are medium and Firm 8. These help to accommodate them with different body types and make to feel the preferences. Nectar Mattress – It is available in the medium-firm 6, those who are looking for an average price it is a best budget mattresses for them. Regardless of their weight, it suits for all women. It doesn’t make any noise when holding more weight or rotating while sleeping. It is easy to move and rotate as it weighs less only. Some of the other good mattresses are Casper wave, Bear mattress, Brooklyn Bedding Signature, The Wink Bed.

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