How to sleep better when pregnant?

A woman’s important span of time in her life is pregnancy. During the time of pregnancy, a woman may face some difficulties. Before falling asleep, you may fight with your bed for trying to make yourself comfortable to get into sleep. Because of pregnancy, you might be struggling in your usual sleeping forms. Your regular […]

What tea to drink during pregnancy?

During your pregnancy time, there is a need for you to show some extra care in choosing your products. Few womens would like to taste different types of tea to have a better drinking experience. But before having it, there is a need for you to know whether you can drink a tea during pregnancy? […]


Latest News: I have been asked to work with a well known charity supporting positive mental health, delivering workshops and identifying areas where more education and resources may be needed locally – for me, this has to include ladies – and their families – experiencing depression, stress and anxiety in pregnancy. This is wonderful news and […]


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If you’ve found your way to this online resource dedicated to the topic of ante-natal depression, stress and anxiety you will discover that over 1 in 10 pregnant women are believed to experience this condition. Feeling low during pregnancy can be unexpected, particularly at a time when friends and family expect you to be ‘blooming’.  […]

Friendly, professional, helpful advice.

Once your doctor has diagnosed anxiety, stress or depression in pregnancy it’s helpful to know you’re not alone.  Having someone to talk with may provide a useful outlet for what’s on your mind.  This website was founded by Delphi Ellis, a qualified professional specialising in stress management. Delphi says “I can help you explore simple […]

The importance of breath

There is no doubt, even as we move swiftly in to the 21st Century, that depression continues to carry a stigma with it.  For this reason, the words depression and pregnancy hardly seem as if they should belong in the same sentence and yet the growing number of women reporting anxiety, depression and stress-like symptoms whilst pregnant seems to be growing, overtaking the original […]

Delphi’s Story

I married young at the age of 19 to a man of the same age, exactly a year after my father passed away. It was a foolish deathbed promise I made my dad to marry that young and was much to the nervousness of my mother who said it would never work. At the age […]

Helen’s Story

Below is a real life article which has been submitted for publication with kind permission of the authors and the copyright is owned by this website.  Please do not use the content of any of these articles without express permission of can not endorse third party websites which may be mentioned in articles provided.  […]

Sarah’s Story

Below is a real life article which has been submitted for publication with kind permission of the author and the copyright is owned by this website.  Please do not use the content of any of these articles without express permission of  Unfortunately we cannot endorse the content of any third party websites to which this article […]