Your Stories

Several people contact this website to tell us about their journey.  We have, with kind permission of the authors, published those stories for others to read.

Please note that the following articles have been submitted for publication with kind permission of the authors and the copyright is owned by this website.  Please do not use the content of any of these articles without express permission of

Helen’s Story

Sarah’s Story

Delphi’s Story (Website Founder)

Tips for writing about your experience

If you would like to share your story for publication on this website please complete the form below using the following tips:

  • Writing your story can be incredibly therapeutic as it’s an opportunity to describe how you truly felt at that time.  You may find though, when writing your story, you identify difficult conversations you may need to have with certain people or that talking things through with someone impartial may help.  Make sure you are fully supported through this process either with the help of a loved one or a professional counsellor who can help you articulate this particular part of your journey in a helpful way.
  • Include as much information as you feel relevant but, try not to include identifiable information about other people, unless you have gained their permission to do so.  If you would prefer your story to remain anonymous just select this option in the form below.
  • We encourage all authors to provide, where possible, a short list of ‘tips’ or dos/don’ts which they found useful during their experience of stress, depression or anxiety in pregnancy.
  • Due to the space we have available we can accept articles up to 2000 words.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that all stories submitted will be published.

For the purposes of this website the terms stress, depression and anxiety are sometimes used interchangeably and this page should not be used to form a diagnosis.  The information provided through these pages is open to individual interpretation and is not intended to replace the advice of your healthcare team. Please speak to your doctor or midwife before deciding upon any form of action which may affect your health or if you have any concerns about your health and wellbeing.

© Delphi Ellis all rights reserved.

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